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Studies conducted by the ILO indicate that a minority in the fishing industry engages in these practices.

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Whoever had just gained access to your breasts made this classic error of deductive reasoning: If breasts feel kind of like fleshy stress balls, then they must clutched as such.

Every possessor of breasts has probably felt the unpleasant sensation of fingers digging in with full force at least once in their life and, with age, has learned that this is a brilliant indicator that sex with this person is probably worth skipping. The Movie Theater Sneak-Around A movie theater excursion was a fancy treat for your breasts.

As far as the baseball-sex metaphor* goes, I'm in the camp that believes third base means oral.

But, for the sake of today's discussion let's all agree (for the moment) that third base equals some hands in the pants action, shall we?

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If you’re not familiar with it, you might check out this XKCD comic for the complicated version, or this excerpt from baseball metaphors for sex from Wikipedia: 4.Home run (or rounding the bases, scoring a run, hitting a home run, scoring, going all the way, coming home, etc.) is the act of penetrative intercourse.For the visual-oriented among us, here’s a graphic (adapted from XKCD’s complex version): I can understand that a country little love for baseball might be confused by this metaphor system. However, some people in China have picked it up, but in the process changed the system: 4.I've got digital action on the brain this morning, not just because it's awesome (over 200 Smitten readers say it's their favorite sexual activity), but also because I nearly spit out my coffee while laughing at comedy sketch warning about the "dangers" of sexual handiwork, namely, "finger babies." It's exactly what it sounds like.You see, earlier today, a friend emailed me a hilariously raunchy Funny or Die video starring Eric Mc Cormack. Slightly before first base: Downloading Star Trek fanfiction and replacing Riker's name with your Crush's. Between the pitcher and second base: Using the scroll thingy on that one Apple mouse. A line traveling across the second to third baseline, and towards home plate: The orgasm line.