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Updating computer name in tfs workspaces

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This meant I could specify the workspace owner as “Project Collection Build Service” which was the scope I was using.This reduced the list of workspaces significantly which made it easy to find the workspaces I wanted to delete.Also, if you are new to TFS then you probably want to take a read of the help documentation over at MSDN and in the Teamprise User Guide as there is some great information there on this topic. One of the first problems people have with workspaces is that the term is a little overloaded – this is especially true to users of the Teamprise plug-in for Eclipse as an Eclipse “Workspace” is an entirely different entity that, though related, has very different functions to the TFS workspace.Conceptually, I like to think of a TFS workspace as a container that bridges the gap between your local computer (acting as a TFS client) and the server.This was the exact command line I used as an example.Team Foundation Sidekicks is a suite of tools for Microsoft Team Foundation Server administrators and advanced users providing Graphic User Interface for administrative and advanced version control tasks in multi-user TFS environments.

No longer maintained in the Hudson community This plugin has moved it's development to the Jenkins infrastructure, which can be found at the new Jenkins Wiki page.

Here is the error Exception Message: Unable to create the workspace ’80_6_tfs2bld’ due to a mapping conflict. You can get a list of workspaces on a computer with the command ‘tf workspaces /computer:%COMPUTERNAME%’.

Details: The path C: Builds6Windowssrc is already mapped in workspace 77_6_tfs2bld.

Please report issues and find the latest versions in the Jenkins community.

If this option is checked, then the workspace and work folder will not be removed at the end of build.