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She does this deed with her ovipositor, an appendage for egg laying just like the one of the Alien Queen in The male now washes the eggs in sperm.

The fertilized eggs will eventually become embedded in the pouch wall and surrounded by spongy tissue. Using muscular contractions of the brood pouch, the male will birth the young seahorses.

As you can see, the first minute of Finding Nemo, outside of the talking fish part, is the only biologically accurate part of the movie.

Considering that they demonstrate reproduction and the killing of the mother in the first minute of the movie, how did they decide that a natural sex change is outside the bubble of viewable material?

During mating, the male will pump seawater into the pouch to expand and reveal its sad emptiness to the courting female.

The female, feeling very bad about the emptiness, will then deposit eggs into the pouch.

These opposing forms of sequential hermaphrodites are called protandrous hermaphrodites for male to female changing species, and protogynous hermaphrodites for those that change from female to male.

Guallart and his fellow researchers discovered this during a multiyear study of the species that required tagging limpets in their few remaining habitats (the Chafarinas Islands off the coast of Morocco) and returning year after year to carefully determine their sex. Mediterranean limpets only reproduce once a year and, as an endangered species, they must be handled very carefully to ensure their safety.

Limpets don't display external sexual characteristics, so Guallart and his team tested them by taking a needle biopsy of their gonads.

"As a reproductive strategy, this term means that youngsters, when they reach sexual maturity, do so as males and then, at some point during their vital cycle, change sex and become females," lead researcher Javier Guallart from Spain's National Museum of Nature Sciences explained in a press release.

But the ribbed Mediterranean limpet sometimes takes it one step further by, apparently, switching gender once again.