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Lacie had provided Oz with his first discernible emotions when she returned to the lowest level of the Abyss with his body from the 1st Dimension in order to announce that she would never be able to return in such a casual manner.

In this moment, Oz felt a tightness growing within him from his depression over the loss of Lacie, which ultimately lead Oz to cease his observation period in favor of a period of repose.

Meanwhile, Oz's Abyss-bound body befriended the other Alice known as The Intention of the Abyss in the new form of the dimension - where the harmony of the Abyss had been forever destroyed - due to the Alices' similarity to Lacie.

Once The Intention had learned of how Alice had made contact with Jack Vessalius in the 1st Dimension, she immediately rushed to retrieve the final fragment of Lacie's existence - which she'd kept safe from the darkness of the Abyss.

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First came the guest appearances, and then the books, followed by the radio show and, now, the daily TV show. Oz Show on our DVR list in the number one position. So I turned to the man I respect as much as Bono: Dr. I needed his excellent health advice about automating meals, walking like a madwoman and drinking water every day. Even he conceded, while watching my doc explain the function of the liver, "He's a good lookin' guy." I know, honey, I know.

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Although the darkness of the Abyss was still vying for Lacie's soul and was even attempting to devour what remained once again, The Intention revealed to Oz that the fragment of Lacie that she'd saved contained Lacie's thoughts and feelings toward Jack, and that she just knew Lacie would've wanted Jack to know how she'd felt.

Feeling indebted to Lacie still, Oz happily accepted his mission, taking the fragment of Lacie that'd been tainted with darkness into his Abyss-bound body to deliver to his 1st Dimension body for Jack to see.