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Where and when did you find out about the shooting in Orlando? As I was waking up, it was live on my Twitter feed. As soon as I found out what it was, it didn’t sink in completely at first. I thought it would never be a problem here in Canada. It’s not a big deal to be trans in 2016, but lots of people still don’t understand.

I’m sure people felt the same way when the attacks in Paris happened, because of the change in time and everything. I was shocked and then I was just really, really, really sad. I guess a lot of people found out when they woke up and everything, but for me, it was direct. Once I had [my daughter] Romy, all these feelings started really coming back and I started shutting down again and not knowing what to do. I feel like a lot of people in these situations, you know, they have a family and then all these feelings come back, the way you were feeling when you were younger. But the second that I came out, it literally got worse. It was just this general hatred that was coming out. They didn’t understand the term “queer.” They didn’t understand why I was doing this.

On the surface, my programme is about matchmaking; essentially it involves social issues including family education, social values, male chauvinism or feminism.

In grade school, female classmates asked why he planned to be The Thing for Halloween instead of a princess, as they all were.

And after seeing The Incredibles, he asked everyone to call him Dash, a male character in the film. “At first we thought these were preferences, that this child was confused,” says Wren’s mother, Wen Kauffman.

Chinese entrepreneur-turned-director Zhang Wei is becoming known for naturalistic portrayals of the marginalised in China’s rapidly changing society, including “Factory Boss,” about a factory owner who desperately takes on low margin jobs from Western conglomerates to keep his business afloat, and “Destiny” (“Xi He”) the tale of an autistic boy’s struggle to get an education.

“Boss” won the best actor prize for actor Yao Anlian at the 2014 Montreal World Film Festival.