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For those who miss watching Bryan Greenberg play the cute-sensitive-confused-struggling-nice Jewish boy on How to Make It In America (or Prime or even kinda sorta One Tree Hill for that matter), you get a sequel of sorts in the actor's new film A Short History of Decay.The debut film from journalist and former war correspondent Michael Maren, the movie tells the story of Nathan Fisher (Greenberg), a floundering thirtysomething Brooklyn writer who gets dumped by his longterm girlfriend (Emmanuelle Chriqui) just as he learns that his father has had a stroke and needs his care.Leaving his New York problems behind, Nathan heads down to Florida to simultaneously assist his dad and his ailing mother who suffers from early Alzheimer's.(Okay so a fun-hearted romcom like Prime, this is not.)With the stakes in place, the rest of the film follows Nathan as he adapts to these changes and gradually reassesses what he wants and needs out of his career, family, and relationships. they always have some of the hottest pictures of women. For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.I’ve spent the past year thinking a lot about “wellth” — the idea that success is found in a lifestyle devoted to mental, physical, and emotional health.(I even wrote a book about it.) In this new series, we’re celebrating visionaries who embody what it means to be wellthy.

In the beginning, Nathan thinks he wants to be a playwright, he thinks he wants to date Emmanuelle Chriqui's character, Erika, he thinks he wants this perfect, healthy couple to be his parent, a brother with the perfect life..eventually the film strips away all of that. That showed seemed to have a pretty loyal following. The one I filmed in Asia is a small, independent movie called It's Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong and it's me and [my fiancée] Jamie Chung.On the heels of movie's release on DVD, we chatted with Greenberg about the movie, the end of How to Make It In America and that moment all young adults have to get rid of their illusions. They offered me the project and I read the script, which I thought was amazing.Michael Maren wrote a beautiful script and handled a tough subject matter in a really subtle, funny way that wasn't melodramatic or heavy-handed.It was also about something that although I personally haven't gone through it, my best friend is dealing with these subjects -- with a dad who has Alzheimer's. Let's talk about the idea of the film's title having multiple meanings -- both the literal meaning of decay in the sense of your character's parents' failing health and then this other meaning of decay in the sense of Nathan's decaying expectations or illusions.Michael Maren said something early on that really stuck with me and guided me through the process, this ideas that people don't have dramatic changes in their life overnight but that they happen gradually.Chaley is a sexy actress who has a net worth of 0 thousands dollars approx.