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Dating a pisces aries cusp

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Authoritative and bold, people born on the Aries-Taurus cusp are natural born leaders.

They'll take charge at work or at home, and the two signs' energies mix well for success -- impulsive Aries lends energy and pushes forward toward goals, while practical Taurus takes care of all the details.

They are still at the core a Scorpio, but with a twist, you could say.December 19-25 (Cusp of Prophecy) hahaha, sorry, I just had to fix that Many online sources have it wrong Anyway, I know I'm very compatible with Taurus/Gemini Cusps and Scorpio/Saggie Cusps I am Cusp of Energy; And I feel I am very compatible with Cusp of Oscillation!!!As I am blend of Earth and Air elements and Cusp of Oscillation is combo pack of Water and Fire.Watch out world, here comes the almighty Aries-Taurus cusper!If you were born on the cusp between Aries and Taurus, between about April 17 to April 22, you were born on The Cusp of Power and you are indeed a force to be reckoned with.You are someone who has a wild imagination with the talent and ambition to back it up. You tend to take everything a little personally and are heartbroken when you let others down, or worse -- you let down.