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Recently I asked 'out' a girl who I work with, and had gotten to know pretty well one day, if she would like to go roller-skating with me friday - she agreed, but I can't tell if she acquiesced just to be polite, or knowing that I work with her, wants to be friends, etc. upfront does not, however, neccesarily mean unsubtle!

I just don't feel comfortable enough to ask a girl out on a date who I know very little about, so I usually settle for some activity or place to meet and leave my choice of words limited to just that - and in doing so maybe give the girls the wrong idea. As a girl, I would appreciate it a lot if guys were more upfront and direct about their intentions.

A couple of days went by and I hadn’t heard from him, so I figured it was what it was.

He was a nice guy, and I enjoyed our time, but I wasn’t sweatin him. A couple of weeks ago, I went out for some drinks with my friends.

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It was in the days that followed, that he started to hit me up.Then tell him that you respect his feelings, and that you appreciate the way he respects yours.(If you don’t believe this right now, simply the act of communicating these words will have a profoundly positive effect on him and actually help create more respect and appreciation – because you get what you give!Last week I posed a question to Twitter asking if it was better to ask a man what his intentions are, or let him know yours when it comes to spending time with someone new. The lounge we were at was pretty chill, good music, great food, and overall a great space to end the work week.I was pretty surprised by some of the responses I received, which I will share later, but first I’ll give you the back-story so you know where all of this came from. I ended up in a conversation with some people and met a guy who happened to be friends with one of my male friends that was there.Even better, as D' OB astutely notes again, sex/relationships are "like a see-saw or tennis, [a thing] that two people can do together if they both feel like it and if doing so would be enjoyable for both parties." Dating/Getting Laid is not an achievement to be unlocked. But it's ALSO not the fault of the ladies-- because ladies, you were lied to as well. ) partner was to play it coy, to pretend you're not interested, to make him "earn" your love. It is similarly fine to be intimate on the first date.