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This camera pushes the boundaries of immersive live webcam streaming, it will allow any performer to stream in virtual reality without having to pay for expensive equipment.

The 3D hologram is created with a high-tech kit of green screens and surround cameras, Cam Soda claims.

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Holo-Cam, which allows users to interact with cam girls in an immersive experience like never before,” said Daron Lundeen, President, Cam Soda.

The 3D hologram is heralded as the next horizon for adult entertainment along with VR so Cam Soda looks to take first mover advantage in this field.It was specially designed to be affordable, but also to look good and be powerful.The company claims it used the best components for its development.It creates a distinctive feeling of closeness and intimacy for viewers that regular 2D videos can’t replicate.This innovative line of products is backed by millions in investment and development.December 14, 2016 – Today, Cam Soda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, announced the debut of “Holo-Cam,” its new technology that bridges the gap between science fiction and mainstream consumer use by projecting live 3D holograms of cam models that overlays into users’ real-time environments through smartphones, tablets and inexpensive 3D hologram projectors.